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        New Products
        Intelligent toilet
        Pedestal Basin
        Art basin
        Aluminum Cabinet
        Counter Basin
        Mop tub
        Water tank
        Water tank accessories
        Inlet valve
        Drain valve
        Water tank button
        Faucet accessories
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        Our company is a famous sanitary wares products manufacturing enterprise,insist on making customer's interests a priority all the time.Pay attention to the coordination beauty of people and living environment the products craft are consummate,fashion,great variety of goods,good quality,practicability is strong,merge native country and advanced production technology crystallization of Europe.
        Advocates individualized life,the personalized design,guides the new sanitary ware life in advance the products have represented our new devotion leisurely,diligently enterprising.dare to open up,wish to bring pair of life and art and enjoy for each user.
        Simple generous,bewitch,has won the multitudinous customer appreciation and the approval,product best-selling domestic and foreign,sells to Southeast Asia,Europe and America.We anticipate with the more merchant service,it's willing each users all to be able to mold and lo have the splendid lnfinite new lire.
        ADD:Fenger Industrial Park,Guxiang Town,Chaoan,Chaozhou,Guangdong,China
        TEL:0768-6926082 FAX:0768-6925308
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